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Tuesday, February 27, 2024 Stakeholder Conference

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Health Related Social Needs Highlight Conference Agenda
You are invited to an opportunity for our collaborative network to have a conversation about addressing these important issues in Clark County.

How do we get in front of the wave?
The pivot to prevention?
Working together to prevent hospitalization, address dire loneliness, the need to access basic human needs services on an emergency basis, and the coming crisis in housing/live alone households?

Thank you for your participation!
Best regards,

Jeffrey B. Klein, FACHE President & CEO Nevada Senior Services

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HBS, supported by a three-year grant from the Administration for Community Living, is designed to support physical function and quality of life for persons with dementia, and the well-being of their care partners by providing the following programs. Please see contact information listed below for each program.

CARE OF OLDER PERSONS IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT (COPE) – an evidenced based in-home intervention using occupational therapy/social work and personal respite coaching within a community-based dementia capable framework. Development of this intervention is in early implementation phase – please contact
Betty Russell at brussell@nevadaseniorservices.org or (702) 333-1539 for more information and collaborative opportunities.

HOMEMEDS – an evidenced based medication management improvement tool for community dwelling seniors. Currently this intervention is in preparation phase for launch this winter – please contact Betty Russell at brussell@nevadaseniorservices.org or (702) 333-1539 for more information and collaborative opportunities.

DEMENTIA CAPABLE EDUCATION – Please contact Jennifer Ruiz at jruiz@nevadaseniorservices.org or (702) 331-5570 for more information, to schedule an upcoming class, or to explore sponsorship opportunities.

Currently available programs are listed below:

Medication Management – A 90-minute workshop offers seniors, family caregivers and professionals an opportunity to learn about the importance of medication management in aging, including: appropriate vs. problematic use of five or more medications; monitoring risk factors; role of patients and caregivers in medication management; potential drug side effects; home medication safety programs, and resources for caregivers.

Dealing With Dementia – A four-hour workshop for family and professional caregivers, designed to increase dementia knowledge and confidence in the caregiver’s ability to provide care. The workshop is paired with the comprehensive Dealing with Dementia Guide for each participant.

Caring For You, Caring For Me – Workshop provides education and support to caregivers through a series of flexible learning modules
(6-10 total hours), helping caregivers take better care of themselves, collaborate effectively with professional caregivers, and be the best advocate possible for their loved one.

Thoughtful Hospitalizations – A 90-minute workshop for caregivers of persons with dementia, to help prepare for both unexpected and planned hospital visits and to prepare for any transitions in care.

Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) and Dementia – Workshop for I/DD and dementia professionals on the best practices in caring for adults with I/DD, at risk of, or those diagnosed with a dementia.

Thank you to all who participated in October 18, 2022 Stakeholder Conference!

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For other Services and Programs please see that Program’s web page for contact information.