Who We Are

Nevada Senior Services provides help for caregivers:

  • A respite from 24 hour responsibility.
  • An alternative to expensive in-home care.
  • The ability to keep your loved one at home longer.
  • The assurance your loved one receives needed nursing and social interaction.


Service ~ a small word which in reality says so much and clearly summarizes the mission of Nevada Senior Services. Fruitful service, however, dictates the necessity to accurately determine the needs of those served, and to respond meaningfully and appropriately.

Our view of adult day health care is based on several important principles. We believe in the sacredness and dignity of human life which requires us to provide individualized and person-centered care. We are here to support senior citizens, disabled adults, and their caregivers in their effort to remain independent with dignity in the community, maintaining quality of life and avoiding institutionalization.

Since our clients have a right to excellent care, we have an obligation to operate efficiently and use sound management principles.

We demonstrate our spirit to respond by caring for the whole person, body, mind and spirit. We are thankful for the privilege of working in an environment that manifests such a spirit.

Our Credo: A Passion for Excellence

We have…. A passion for excellence.
We are…. Here for those who need us most.
We transform…. Ordinary resources into extraordinary results.


The tremendous responsibility of guarding the safety and health of our clients is a duty taken solemnly by the entire staff of Nevada Senior Services (Adult Day Care Center of Las Vegas and Adult Day Care Center of Henderson). No less daunting are the separate but very much linked responsibilities that we accept for support of the caregivers and of the client/caregiver unit. In the acceptance of special responsibility comes the need for special skills. Skills used with caring.

Nevada Senior Services recognizes the importance of values and temperament in the selection and hiring of staff. Training is not sufficient to produce special skills. Values hiring allows our Centers to begin with the most important ingredient, the right person for our mission. A person who comes to us ready to build on their values, caring, and motivation to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable is the foundation of our organization. These are the special skills, and with on-going training, coaching and learning our clients and caregivers enhance the skill set. The tool box is better equipped as new tools are added.

Nevada Senior Services expresses its belief and reverence for the sanctity of life by enhancing the special skills within each and every staff member who is invited to become part of this family.

As partners in our clients’ health, the Centers recognize the significance of looking at all the implications of health status, illness, medications, weight, depression, and the clients’ sense of wellbeing.

Incapacitating illnesses, such as stroke, neurological diseases, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinsonism, and diabetes can easily produce feelings of helplessness, depression, and loss of self-esteem. The Adult Day Care Center of Las Vegas and Adult Day Care Center of Henderson use a multi-faceted approach to meet the physical, psycho-social, and spiritual needs of clients suffering from these and other disabilities.

While Center nurses monitor weight and vital signs, activity personnel focus on client engagement with their environment, stimulation and socialization. Tai Chi, yoga, and a daily exercise regimen enhance wellness, improve balance, stability, and awareness of surroundings to reduce the potential of damaging falls and maintain the client’s physical condition. Innovative programming such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and music therapy provide stress reduction, mental stimulation, and a vehicle for socialization. The eco-friendly green environment makes maximum use of gardening, serenity, and recycling projects to compliment other aspects of the program. Live entertainment introduces movement, dance, and audience participation to the daily schedule providing a lift to clients needing something special.

Comprehensiveness and attention to detail complete the recipe for the Center’s holistic approach and all of our programs.

Find Us

Business Office (and Jones Adult Day Care Center):
901 North Jones Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Phone: (702) 648-3425
Fax: (702) 648-1408

For other Services and Programs please see that Program’s web page for contact information.