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Geriatric Care Management

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Who can benefit from our Geriatric Care Management (GCM) Program:
"Hiring a geriatric care manager in the town where your older relative resides is a preventative and prudent idea. If there is a crisis, it is cheaper to have a GCM solve it. In an urgent situation, a care manager can go to the hospital or emergency room. This is saner and more cost-effective than you getting on last-minute, expensive flights. You can still go but they can immediately be there to deal with the crisis. They are good insurance. Before any crisis,  the GCM do an initial assessment and visit your long-distance older relative periodically (once a month, once every two months).This is preventative. That way they are there for you when you need them and have all the information to solve the problem.”
~ Cathy Cress- Expert in Aging Life Care
Here is a list of how Our Geriatric Care Management program can help long distance families:
  1. Help keep your parent out of the hospital and you by avoiding booking  emergency long-distance flights.
  2. Mediate a family discussion of needs, resources, and caregiving responsibilities among friends and  family
  3. Provide Recommendations  on ways to proactively prepare and plan for a parent’s possible health care crisis.
  4. Provide a family cooperation care plan for parents/family members.
  5. Assess weaknesses and strengths of all possible caregivers (friends, family and community services)
  6. Mediate and help resolve caregiving solutions among various adult sibling viewpoints.
  7. Encourage collaborations in the best interest of parents/ family members .
  8. Decrease the tension between local and long distance siblings
  9. Provide local resources and coordinate services in your parents/family members city.
  10. Providing A comprehensive psychosocial assessment which includes all areas of life physical, psychological, social, nutritional, cognitive and healthcare.
The Geriatric Care Manager will establish a long-term relationship with the older adult and serve as a liaison for family caregivers and the professional community.



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